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Welcome to Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP)

The Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) provides bill assistance to low-income households in the State of Maryland to make their energy costs more affordable and to help with the prevention of loss and the restoration of home energy service.

OHEP provides three separate grants:
The Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP):

The Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) provides assistance grants to help with home heating bills. Payments are made to the fuel supplier and utility company on the customer’s behalf.

The Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP):

The Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) provides financial assistance with electric bills. Eligible customers receive help that pays a portion of their current electric bills. Some EUSP participants may qualify for assistance with past due electric bills as well as referrals to energy efficiency programs. Customers who receive EUSP are placed on a budget billing plan with their utility company.

Arrearage Retirement Assistance:

Arrearage Retirement Assistance helps customers that have a large, past due electric bill, in addition to the electric and heating bill payment benefits. If eligible, customers receive forgiveness of up to $2,000 towards their past due bill, based off their actual bill amount. Customers must have a past due bill of $300 or greater to be considered eligible. Customers may only receive an arrearage grant once every seven years, with certain exceptions.

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Welcome to Fiscal Year 2018 which starts Saturday, July 1, 2017. If you applied for assistance after June 1 of this year, please allow us until July 15th to process your application before checking on its status.

How to Apply?
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Apply by mail:
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